GST Registration Procedure for Existing Kerala VAT Dealers


GST Registration Procedure for Existing Kerala VAT Dealers. Kerala GST Registration Starts from 1st January 2017. Procedure to followed to Migrate to GST for existing Kerala Registered Dealers the enrollment due date for Kerala Registered dealers is 1st Jan 2017 to 15th June 2017. The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is proposed to be introduced soon. As part of this exercise, all existing dealers under Kerala have to be migrated to the GST portal. This exercise will commence from 1st January 2017 and has to be completed by 15th June 2017.  A special drive is proposed to be launched to meet this deadline.

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is proposed to be introduced soon and as a part of this, existing dealers under Kerala Act have to be migrated to the GST portal. This migration exercise will commence from 1st January 2017 to 15th June 2017 as proposed by GST.

How to Get Provisional ID & Password

  • Step 1: Visit on Kerala VAT Department Website or Service tax website in case of service tax dealer and then click on “E-Services” available at your State VAT Website or service tax website
  • Step 2: Login by using you VAT ID & Password or by Service tax user ID & Password
  • Step 3: Now a Pop Window is showing in your web page or computer screen, where you may find your GST Provisional ID and Password, please note above Credentials..these details are required to login on New GST Portal…

GST Registration Date Extended for Kerala Dealers

GST Date Extended (15-06-2017) – GST Date is extended and Registrations will re-open from 25th June 2017 (25-06-2017) as per Official News about GST Date Extension :“Enrolment reopens on 25-June 2017 and will remain open beyond 1-July 2017”

GST Registration Date Extended for 15 Days – Good News for all Existing Tax Payers, GST Registration or GST Migration Window is again Start from 1st June 2017 and ended on 15th June 2017 (15-06-2017). CBEC Close GST Registration on 30th April 2017 but now CBEC give one more chance to all existing tax payers for migration at GST Portal for 15 Days..

GST Migration Window is re-open from today (01-06-2017), please login by using below links and complete your GST Registration as soon possible…

GST Migration Restart Date – 1st June 2017 to 15th June 2017

More than 60 lakh taxpayers enrolled on GST Portal between 8th November 2016 and 15th June 2017. The Enrolment process has closed with effect from 1st May 2017. Data of all those who have signed the enrolment form will be migrated to the new GST System.

The enrolment window will reopen on 1st of June 2017 for taxpayers who could not enrol themselves as well as for those who enrolled but did not sign the enrolment form

Click to following link to know more details for GST Registration Last Date& Source of Above News

GST Registration Date – 1st January 2017 and end on 15th June 2017 or (01/01/2017 to 15/06/2017)

GST Registration Procedure for Existing Kerala VAT Dealers

migration of existing registered dealers to Goods and Service Tax system The migration of existing dealers to GST system will be from 1st January to 15th June 2017.

Helpdesk Numbers – Thiruvananthapuram – 04712785029, 5028, Kollam – 04742742760, Pathanamthitta – 04682325088, Alappuzha – 04772243252, Wayanad – 04936205465, Idukki – 04868272413, Ernakulam – 04842357282, Thrissur – 04872389699, Palakkad – 04912505568, Malappuram – 04832737386, Kozhikode – 9400233150, Kannur – 04972700863, Kottayam – 04812562071, Kasargod – 04994256820, Mattancherry – 9747360380

GST Registration Procedure for Existing Kerala VAT Dealers

Steps for GST Migration BY Kerala VAT Dealers

Step 1 – Please Visit on Kerala VAT Department Website or Go to and click e-services to login

Step 2 – Enter with Login credentials and click Login

Step 3 – Now Pop Window is Show in your web page, You may find Provisional ID AND Password on above page..

Step 4 – Prerequisites – Information for GST Signup

Before enrolling with GST System Portal, you must ensure to have the following

  • I. Provisional ID received from State Authorities;
  • II. Password received from the State Authorities;
  • III. Valid Email Address;
  • IV. Valid Mobile Number;
  • V. Bank Account Number
  • VI. Bank IFSC

Prerequisites – Documents for GST Signup

Before logging into GST Portal, the following documents have to be kept ready.

  • I. Proof of principal place of business and additional place of business
  • II. Details of Directors/Proprietors etc.,
  • III. Details of authorized signatory
  • IV. Details of Bank account
  • V. Existing registration under various indirect taxes.
  • VI. Downloaded data file from (help file for downloading data file is enclosed)

How to Login in GST Portal

* GSTN Provisional ID and Temporary password.(All the Existing Registered dealers of Kerala will receive an E-Mail with GSTN Provisional ID and Temporary password.

* Dealers can also know the GSTN Provisional ID and Temporary password after Login in

When the above details are ready, Go to GSTN Portal for enrollment process for First time login, Click New User Login

  • Step 1 – Visit on GST Registration Portal By Using Following link
  • Step 2 – Select the check box to confirm the Terms and press continue
  • Step 3 – Enter Provisional ID, Temporary Password & Captcha then press LOGIN
  • Step 4 – Enter Email ID , Mobile number and click Continue
  • Step 5 – Now OTP’s will be sent to your Email ID & Mobile no. Enter the OTP’s to the correspondent fields and Click Continue 
  • Step 6 – Enter Username and password for the next time login
  • Step 7 – Enter Security Answers which will help you to reset the password incase if you forget your current password
  • Step 8 – GST Login credentials created successfully and Re-enter with your login credentials. Check procedure for GST login at GST Portal
  • Step 9 – Please Follow Below Procedure for Further Instruction
  • Step 10 – Fill Details upload data and Click Save & Continue 
  • Step 11 – Fill the Details of Proprietors/Partners
  • Step 12 – Fill the Details, Upload the documents and Click Save & Continue
  • Step 13 – Fill the Details of Authorized Signatory
  • Step 14 – Enter Details, upload documents and Click Save & Continue
  • Step 31 – Fill The Details of Principal place of business
  • Step 16 – Enter Commodity Details and Save & Continue
  • NOTE : In case you do not know the HSN Code: In the Search HSN Chapter by Name or Code field, type the matching character and from the displayed HSN Chapter list, scroll and select the appropriate HSN code.
  • Step 17 – Fill the Details of Bank account and upload document 
  • Step 18 – Click Verification checkbox and submit with DSC
  • Note : Digitally signing using DSC is mandatory in case of LLP and Companies
  • Click the SUBMIT button to save the updated information and documents.
  • Step 19 – Click Proceed (NOTE : Make sure your DSC dongle is inserted in your laptop/ desktop)
  • Step 20 – Click Sign from the Pop-up window 
  • Step 21 – Note: To view the details of your DSC, click the View Certificate button. 
  • Step 22 – On successful submission it will show message on screen 

NOTE : The success message is displayed after the validation of the DSC PIN. You will receive the acknowledgement in next 31 minutes on your registered email address and mobile number. Application Reference Number (ARN) receipt will be sent on your e-mail address and mobile number.

Document Required for GST Registration in Kerala

(A) Information Required for GST Registration By Kerala VAT Dealers

Before enrolling with the GST Common Portal, you must ensure to have the following information:

  • Provisional ID received from State/ Central Authorities
  • Password received from the State/ Central Authorities
  • Valid E-mail Address
  • Valid Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank IFSC

(B) Document Required for GST Registration in Kerala

Section Document Required (Any one in each section) Type & Size
Constitution of Business Partnership Deed JPG, PDF – 1 MB
Registration Certificate JPG, PDF – 1 MB
Principle place of business Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association JPG, PDF – 1 MB
Bye-laws of Society JPG, PDF – 1 MB
Tax Paid Receipt JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Municipal Khata Copy JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Electricity Bill JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Rent / Lease agreement JPG, PDF – 200 KB
Consent Letter JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Any other Certificate / document issued by Government JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Any other Certificate or record from Govt department JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Bank Statement JPG, PDF – 500 KB
Details of authorized signatory Letter of Authorisation JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Copy of resolution passed by BoD / Managing Committee JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Details of Bank Accounts First page of Pass Book JPG, PDF – 100 KB
Bank Statement JPG, PDF – 500 KB
Photo Photo JPG – 100 KB
Others Any other documents JPG, PDF – 1 MB
Any supporting documents JPG, PDF – 1 MB

In case you are unable to upload any document, check the Internet connectivity, file size and format of the document you are trying to upload.

Photographs wherever specified in the Application Form

  • Proprietary Concern – Proprietor
  • Partnership Firm / LLP – Managing/ Authorized Partners (personal details of all partners is to be submitted but photos of only ten partners including that of Managing Partner is to be submitted)
  • HUF – Karta Company – Managing Director or the Authorised Person
  • Trust – Managing Trustee
  • Association of Person or Body of Individual – Members of Managing Committee (personal details of all members is to be submitted but photos of only ten members including that of Chairman is to be submitted)
  • Local Body – CEO or his equivalent
  • Statutory Body – CEO or his equivalent
  • Others – Person in Charge

Photograph upload should only in JPEG format and size should not exceed 100 kb


On our website we have provided all the details of GST Act 2017. We hope that our article will be helpful for you to understand the GST Act 2017.


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